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In the end it's a matter of dichotomy, which apparently, could have been easily revealed by my regular sleeping position according to some online article that I've lost. As it is, I figured it out last week while assembling a kitchen shelving unit.

There's a distinct part of me that likes modernity, to the point where I'd put everything online, and live in a fashionably minimalist abode, full of surfaces that were functional and stark. Unfortunately, this clashes dramatically with the part of me that likes stacks of books, old-fashioned looking radios and sensible pantries. On one hand I'd like to get rid of all the dross and pare it all down to the basics: on the other I want to pad things out with indulgences.

The problem is that, while I do have a bit of a timeframe to measure out on this, I'm really going to need to figure this out before I purchase property. Ultra modern or countryside living? Do I want something like that little bungalow on the edge of the nearby village, that has the closet post office, where I'd probably need a ratting gun because of vermin coming across the fields? Or do I want something like that apartment in a new development, where I can stand on a balcony and look out across a river, and still know that the supermarket is only down the road? Both have an equal amount of appeal. Even essentials like keeping myself to myself could be achieved quite easily in either situation. I can quite easily be alone in built up towns or the countryside.

I have a while to decide but, at the current time, I'm leaning towards countryside simply because, while I can tune people out in large crowds, it's still rather novel to enjoy the absolute silence where I'm currently living.
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