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In preparation for the New Year, beyond my work Xmas lunch resolution to be less of an arse to a certain person, this morning's pot of tea has helped me sift out some of my 'areas for growth'. Though that first point really has negated my theory that you can reach a point when you're just so much of a dick that people will refuse to have anything to do with you. Evidently your positive output outweighs the number of times your response can be surmised as "Fuck off, darling." Nevertheless, beyond that, what comes to the top of my list is the fact that, beyond my father's admonishment of hitting back harder if I was hit first when I started school, I've rather failed at his other piece of advice. Granted, that one wasn't given verbally but I've spent long enough watching my father sit back and watch his enemies, for lack of a better term, burn to have figured it out. The problem being, while I do well enough with showmanship and charm needed in the setup of that sort of thing, I'm always impatient for things to just happen, instead of waiting to see how the tides turn. And even then, I'm not sure that I do outdo my father on the above two items. In fact, when I think about it, setting other people up is always just so easy that I get bored.

All of which suggests that this is the perfect coda for that train of thought.


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