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Thought for the evening: You know you're an adult when you have a can of butane and a can of WD40 in the house. Though for a moment I couldn't remember where my can of WD40 was, and then I remembered it was in my tool box.

To be entirely fair the above statement isn't really, necessarily, any kind of truth, even one that I believe in. But it's not bad as far as comedic generalisations go.

I do, at intervals, feel like I might be inclined to post something a little more sensible but never quite find the motivation or time to. Of late I've had far too full a social life, which has been mostly driven by recovering health giving me the ability to actually invest time and motion in the things I actually want to do with the individuals I want to do them with. Granted, I didn't quite expect my Bank Holiday Monday to end up with drinking a Soho pub dry of prosecco, or the weekend before to involve a beautiful Sunday morning sunrise in Oxford. I'm not even sure which was better in the balance because they were two wildly different experiences. Sitting up in bed watching a sunrise through an open window had a serene quality to it, while the boisterous Monday was just as engaging, with all the potential possibility of being at a horse show the next time that kind of instance repeats itself. Suffice to say, while I've got spoons to burn, I'm going to enjoy allocating them as I choose.


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