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I very recently had a conversation with a colleague where we joked about 'Middle class problems' because his father was complaining about not having enough airmiles to send said son to Paris for a weekend. Because I've had the same complaint about airmiles, but I was sending myself and I was going to Toronto. Middle-class problems. Like your local stockist not having that Barbour jacket that you wanted immediately in stock or laughing at the colleague whose watch is very obviously not a Patek Philippe because he only paid two grand for it.

And in keeping with that theme, this morning I was looking at housing, and in particular locations that I might like to buy in. I've finally decided that I don't really want to buy where I currently live because, while it's lovely and quiet and isolated, I can't even get a decent mobile signal. I could also do with moving a little further north for the sake of my commute to various sites. Which leaves me with the general line across the middle of England that I was looking at in the first place. There's a small town which should be ideal, which is actually where my dentist and optician are located at the current time, but that just feels a bit... townie for lack of a better term vs. a village I drive through some mornings that strikes me as having just the right feel. I shan't be buying any time soon but the fact that I had an instant reaction to the idea of living in a more populated area speaks volumes. I like my peace and quiet, and am prepared to trade greater convenience to get it. And I am in a situation where I can make that judgement call.

Later this year I'll be buying a new car and trading in my current one because it will be two years old, which has the knock on effect of meaning that I can't enter my number plate details on my airport parking booking for December, so I'll have to do it closer to the time. Purely middle-class problems right there, and I'm still not quite sure how I feel about that.
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