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Choice (PG. 902 words. Süleyman/Dietrich.)
A lesson in choices.

Fantasy (18+, non-con. Involving cross-dressing and William’s specific use of gender pronouns in regards to Isaak. 1855 words.)
William has a very specific revenge fantasy in mind when it comes to Isaak.

Comparably (G. 760 words.)
Non-alcoholic cocktails & reminiscences of Londinium. Isaak & Dietrich in the downtime during a mission. Set during the Radio Head audio drama.

A snippet, a surprising observation & a failed poll )
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Time (1034 words. PG. Character death. Süleyman, Astaroth.)
"Even if I were to explain, you wouldn’t understand: you’re much too young."

Lohengrin (1296 words. 16+. Necrophilia. Dietrich.)
Dietrich’s precious cargo: on the journey from Carthago to Byzantium.

In other news, chapter 43 of Kuroshitsuji Read more... )

Also: congratulations, Australia. I believe the appropriate line from the Wilde screenplay would be: "I feel like the city that’s been under siege for twenty years, and suddenly the gates are thrown open and the citizens come pouring out to breath the air and walk the fields and pluck the wild flowers – I feel relieved."
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As recommended by [ profile] blasphemiliar, Omnia’s reading of Poe’s The Raven which at the start reminds me a little of the Potter Puppet Palls’ Snape.

Picture Perfect (PG. Comedy. 2611 words.)
Cain’s new camera: Isaak & Dietrich in front of its lens. (An in-universe explanation for that official piece of fanservice featuring Isaak & Dietrich.)

The annotated Donkeyskin - SurLaLune

I Have no Mouth, and I Must Scream - Harlan Ellison (

Courtesy of [ profile] sf_drama the old argument that you can’t look things up yourself with a side helping of needing to be taught everything about life at school and this, which the linked commenter sums up better than I could.

Also, a meme stolen from [ profile] nekonexus: Were I a summonable creature, what kind of ritual would you craft to summon me?
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Having made not much more headway with the pr0n I was attempting to write today I instead ended up writing entirely different pr0n:
Hortus Conclusus (2814 words. Non-con. [Heed the non-con warning, William fans.] Crossdressing. Pre-Silent Noise.)
Even in Rome itself some crimes go unpunished.

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Because [ profile] blasphemiliar provided this wonderful piece of music and today I am of an age that isn’t twenty-five for the Nth time for a change.

1028 words. PG. AU.
Isaak & Dietrich on a mission in search of an underwater repository of Lost Technology.

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Both pieces are unrepentantly daft but still contain enough content that I decided to post rather than delete them, regardless of the fact that they’ve been sitting in my WIP folder for quite some time now.

717 words. PG. AU. Post Empire arc.
Isaak deals with the Orden’s newest member; Dietrich fiddles with hardware and gets called ‘sir’ a lot.
One of those brief experiments in ‘what if everybody in the Orden wasn’t at each other’s throats constantly’ which grew out of pondering over suitable codenames.

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1271 words. G. AU. Post Empire arc. Possibly a sort of prelude to the above.
In the midst of a failed revolution Dietrich comes to some interesting conclusions about the parties involved.

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In the Dark (G. 983 words)
Why Dietrich embraces the shadows.
This goes with the Dollhouse theme really.

Consequence (PG. According to the site 106 words but Word’s counter tells me it should be a 100 word drabble.)
A temporary solution. (Radu and A-class drugs basically.)
narcasse: Sebastian Flyte.  Brideshead Revisited (2008) (devious)
Post-István arc. Dietrich/Esther.

"For people who depend on others, do you know what the most painful thing is?"
"Naturally, for people who depend on others, the worst thing is to lose the other person."
"Wrong. It’s when the other person changes, Marionettenspieler."

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The problem with days like this is that I’m never entirely sure what I want to do about them so in the meantime there is a set of four drabbles featuring hair as far as Trinity Blood goes. Though I do have some of the last part of the Süleyman background piece finally moving a certain direction and the beginnings of another Isaak university-era piece which would throw Circe into a whole new light. I just need to find the time and motivation to see to them.

Tea, molasses & Ian Fleming briefly )
narcasse: Sebastian Flyte.  Brideshead Revisited (2008) (devious)
1983 words. G. AU. Dietrich's POV.
Dietrich and Marionettenspieler as two separate entities.

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I’m coming back to the deliberate timeline fudging of earlier fics by the looks of things, though this may also serve as an excuse and lead in to writing another two characters engaging in a chance meeting at the opera at a later date.

2061 words. G. Dietich and the frequently absurd tangle of his subconscious.
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Geppetto involving dolls and character death is finally done. Somehow I think I ran out of steam while writing the first part but since I’ve been meaning to finish it for a while it’ll just have to do. It’s one of those snap-shot AU pieces anyway.

Delilah likewise is finished and was actually quite enjoyable to write. And other than the less than serious Suzanne/Helga pieces or that one Astaroth/Esther drabble; might actually be my first real piece of Trinity Blood shojo-ai. It also earns a new demotivational poster which probably belongs in a series with Rhetoric, Classical Realism, Kantianism and International Relations.

Necessity and the as yet to be written Invention may be a two-part piece at least which will be a more serious take on a background for Süleyman. Though the other rather more comedic one won’t be entirely left to flounder, if only because Radu’s grandfather Mircea really does need some screen time.

Other than that, after I’ve edited an original piece for Yule unless I suddenly have the urge to make further progress with either of my two logistical exercises; I suspect that I’m done for the year.

And to end with; a silly reinc drabble prompted by [ profile] nekonexus.

Trinity Blood & Meine Liebe because it’s not as if I haven’t done it before )
narcasse: Sebastian Flyte.  Brideshead Revisited (2008) (魔道士)
"The temperament of genius, after all, was easy enough to assume and, probably, came with especial ease to those with vague suspicions that the actuality was more elusive."
- Asimov I., 1973. A Whiff of Death. London: Sphere Books. p. 19.

Also, fic. Additionally, I have half a Süleyman epic of ludicrous intentions to have done with and then perhaps I can finally get around to writing that Mirka/Seth piece. Though I also need to finish another technical exercise that will, like other such graphic endeavours; involve copious tea breaks in the execution.

International Narsus Month )

And some rather charming game reviews )
narcasse: Sebastian Flyte.  Brideshead Revisited (2008) (Rosencreutz)
1223 words. G.
On the topic of succession. Isaak and the gravity of couching things in the absurd.

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narcasse: Sebastian Flyte.  Brideshead Revisited (2008) (dreaming)
1327 words. AU. PG for profanity. Post Act 34. Perhaps a little on the bizarre side.
Dietrich receives an unexpected gift...

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narcasse: Sebastian Flyte.  Brideshead Revisited (2008) (ensnared)
1371 words. PG for implication. Dietrich and Isaak in something less than actual conversation.
Fictional failure and literal madness. And an absence of seductions all round.

"Between the age limits of nine and fourteen there occur maidens who, to certain bewitched travellers, twice or many times older than they, reveal their true nature which is not human, but nymphic (that is, demoniac); and these chosen creatures I propose to designate as ‘nymphets’."
- Nabokov, V, (1986). Lolita, p. 16, Penguin Books: Suffolk.

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Companion piece to Contrary. Implied age-play, bondage and nakedness.
Isaak and Dietrich and another situation that doesn’t quite transpire as it’s supposed to. A double-drabble for [ profile] alucards_bane.

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narcasse: Sebastian Flyte.  Brideshead Revisited (2008) (smug)
1075 words. 15. Inferred violence.
Observing the inexplicable. Unusual circumstances in which Dietrich finds more questions than answers.

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narcasse: Sebastian Flyte.  Brideshead Revisited (2008) (devious)
R. Implied sexual violence. Isaak and Dietrich in bed together one afternoon.
Contrary to popular belief... A double drabble for serendipity [ profile] herit.

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narcasse: Sebastian Flyte.  Brideshead Revisited (2008) (recompense)
482 words. AU. G. Part of the prelude to Obolus.
Dietrich tempts fate one time too many. Mythological allusions abound. This will be the second time I’ve written Dietrich tempting the gods then really.
Probably part one of what may be five pieces being written non-linearly.

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