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Have a drabble in which I express my discontent with adjectives.
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An AU to this AU here without which it probably won’t make too much sense.
1123 words. Gender-bending of a sort.

Interregnum )

At a tangent to the above in drabble format. What if Seth had let her children simply fight it out?

Will )

525 words. AU. Based on theorising here.
The last of the Nightlords: the brightest and the best.

Destiny )
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Because I actually have a friend who stopped eating figs after I told them about the pollination process.

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1949 words. PG for mentions of cannibalism. AU. Pre-series.
They are mad, consumed by this strange death cult of their own invention, deranged things that probably ought not to be called human. Süleyman’s dealings with the House of Luxor.
Based heavily on Vampire: the Masquerade’s clan Cappadocian though the title could also be reference to the Cappadocian region and the semi-underground cities there.

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248 words. G. Pre-series.
Radu’s mother and the fate ordained for her son.
Fairly obvious historical references.

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Both pieces are unrepentantly daft but still contain enough content that I decided to post rather than delete them, regardless of the fact that they’ve been sitting in my WIP folder for quite some time now.

717 words. PG. AU. Post Empire arc.
Isaak deals with the Orden’s newest member; Dietrich fiddles with hardware and gets called ‘sir’ a lot.
One of those brief experiments in ‘what if everybody in the Orden wasn’t at each other’s throats constantly’ which grew out of pondering over suitable codenames.

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1271 words. G. AU. Post Empire arc. Possibly a sort of prelude to the above.
In the midst of a failed revolution Dietrich comes to some interesting conclusions about the parties involved.

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In the Dark (G. 983 words)
Why Dietrich embraces the shadows.
This goes with the Dollhouse theme really.

Consequence (PG. According to the site 106 words but Word’s counter tells me it should be a 100 word drabble.)
A temporary solution. (Radu and A-class drugs basically.)
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1357 words. PG.
A teenaged Radu questions Süleyman’s lack of matrimonial aspirations producing some unexpected revelations about Imperial society.

819 words. G. Pre-Iblis arc.
A favour is requested of the Carthaginian extremists.
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320 words. G. Judeo-Christian references abound.
The reason for Sebastian’s dislike of dogs. Referencing ep 7 of the anime.

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Awakening (1543 words. PG.)
Radu’s Awakening.
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The problem with days like this is that I’m never entirely sure what I want to do about them so in the meantime there is a set of four drabbles featuring hair as far as Trinity Blood goes. Though I do have some of the last part of the Süleyman background piece finally moving a certain direction and the beginnings of another Isaak university-era piece which would throw Circe into a whole new light. I just need to find the time and motivation to see to them.

Tea, molasses & Ian Fleming briefly )
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Veneer (PG. 684 words.)
Paints and powders concealing inhumanity rather than aiding vanity. Radu behind his mask.

Vision (G. 100 words.)
This is the last time that Baybars will lay eyes upon this form… Baybars watches Süleyman sleep.

Both of these pieces being pretty much attempts to jot down some ideas that I’ve not had the time to really elaborate on as yet. They’ll do for the moment at least, then maybe I can get back to that logistical exercise as well as the last part of Pathway for which the lead-in is already written.
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Mother (G. 3341 words.)
Part two of Pathway charting the time between Süleyman’s border command and his arrival in Byzantium.

Circus (PG. 2441 words.)
Süleyman takes a teenaged Radu to the Milanese opera with some rather curious results. Though not before deciding that his activities in Venice would make it a far too scandalous location to visit instead.
I ought to warn for my slinging around Italian phrases here too really.

Change (PG. 2101 words.)
Something has changed between him and his tovarăş and Ion cannot understand why.
Involving non-sexual naked Methuselahness.
With an additional challenge to [ profile] alucards_bane to figure out the inspiration from real life.

And lastly a Pegasus log involving two NPCs one of whom is a tarot reader who may in fact be faux-Egyptian and the other who may or may not be Turkish.
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Looking up some natural digestive remedies today it finally dawned on me that somehow I’ve confused figs and prunes in my mind. I’d been so convinced that figs looked like prunes that I’d somehow managed to entirely ignore the symbolism in this image, or rather I was determined that the fruit shown were pomegranates even though the skin colour was entirely wrong. Still, having corrected that oversight and turning my analysis to figs, the symbolism still seems relatively appropriate, if a little jumbled.Read more... )

Galatea (5808 words. PG. AU.)
There are inherent dangers in seeking to grant life, especially when that life possesses the ability to determine its own purpose. (An alternative ending to the Empire arc.)
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Maschere (G. 423 words.)
Masks as faces and faces as masks. The nature of parental care from his grandmother.

Much Ado (PG. 1246 words. Astaroth, Süleyman & Seth.)
A trip to the terran district and several misassumptions. A comedy of errors. Alternating perspectives per paragraph and each paragraph drabble-length.

Lycoris (PG. 1209 words. Radu.)
Through the eyes of the slave all hope is delusion. Folktale and historical references abounding. (Lycoris the Mime from Augusto Fraschetti’s Roman Women.)
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The mirror-version of Endgame. Inspired by a comment by [ profile] levyrasputin.
Character death. William and Isaak at the end of the game.

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And since today seems to be opposites day: Pleasures too, which is a reversal of Lies more or less. I’m getting dangerously close to bastardising Arabian mythology at this point.

Also, just so I remember where I put this. I may well be over-thinking the sentiment.
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"Beauty is unbearable, drives us to despair, offering us for a minute the glimpse of an eternity that we should like to stretch out over the whole of time."
- Albert Camus

Because pain is beauty? Screw the roses, send me the thorns. Perhaps. Oh, the inspiration to drabble. I may yet be in a very odd mood.
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Snitched from [ profile] emthornhill:

Which amuses me because this begs to differ since I’ve been stricken with insomnia. Though at least that seems to put me in the right mood to write wonderfully insane reasoning for things.

At which point I should probably actually attempt something like a few hours sleep, though not before I add: 新年快樂 and wish a peaceful and prosperous Year of the Rat to all. Now I just need to find out when Thingyan, or so it seems to transliterate, falls this time round.
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Predilections (PG. 1871 words. Vices to cover vices; the privileges of noble Methuselah.) is yet another one of those pieces inspired by real life that tend to crop up on me entirely by surprise. Read more... )

But at least in other news I’ve just seen the most wonderful film so I’ll attempt to talk about that instead:Read more... )


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