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The scent actually reminds me of sea breezes and it's awfully smooth for Talisker, clean and less charged than other varieties I've tasted, though I'm not sure that I'm too keen on the heady nature of the bite. That said I like my scotch so smooth that you barely notice it going down so that's an ongoing complaint of mine. Mixed with coke it adds a soft spice note to the mixture, enough so that I find myself drinking it far quicker than I ought.

All of which suggests that I'm definitely a fan of West Scotland regions and that I should probably investigate something from Campbeltown next.
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12 year old Cardhu single malt reminds me why I'm not the greatest fan of Speyside scotch. It's very distinctly weighty and a little bit acerbic, though, granted, I'm not taking my time over it this evening. Having made the quick trip to the local Tesco, in the nearest town, I'd decided that I was going to spend the coupon I'd picked up last week, so was apt to pick up a single malt of some variety, along with the roasting pan I'd been after for a while. At the checkout the cashier, evidently making conversation, asked if the Cardhu was a special present for someone, to which I responded that no, I'd just had a bad day at work. Though, considering my locale, and what I was wearing, I'm sure I could be any variety of country living type who'd at least have had the good sense to lock up the ratting guns before I hit the scotch.
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  • Had a whole post about the LJ business model and how it really wasn’t ideal if the idea was to generate more users who’d pay for extra features. Got bored of it a few hundred words in.
  • Must get on with this Dreamwidth thing. Fewer icons will not kill me.
  • Can’t fault self on purchase of permanent LJ account: seemed like a good idea at the time. Can write off sunk costs at the end of the day.
  • Handwrote fic on train when should have been doing more productive things. Had forgotten what it was like to have people trying to peer at writing/monitor.
  • Found new drinking game: must find badfic to go with it.
  • Need to figure out which posts to archive to Dreamwidth. Can’t be bothered with all of them but may not be entirely caffeinated enough to figure out if selective importing is possible. May have to do it manually.
  • Am actually developing enthusiasm for things again. Blame upcoming autumnal equinox. Discovering local stockists of Sobranie Black Russian can’t be hurting either.
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  • Red Leaf Lager - Very, very light. Too light for my tastes to the point that as I continued drinking it became a faintly carbonated drink with only hints of a lager flavour.
  • Orange Peel Ale - Heavier than the above and nicely rounded with a hint of citrus to start with. About half way through the citrus started to come through far more sharply than I would have preferred and what I was left with was the suggestion of some kind of orange spritz added to a fairly generic light ale.
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    And a new demotivational poster which just about sets the tone of things of late.
    This track also reminds me of Metropolis, in particular that scene where Freder falls to his knees in front of the machine that eats workers, for some reason.
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    Philadelphia with garlic & herbs turns out to be a viable substitute for a distinct lack of parmesan to be had for my salad. Also, vinaigrette sans grainy mustard isn’t bad at all. It just needs a bit more pepper and a little less honey.

    And having just seen a recipe for a vodka cocktail involving elderflower cordial, I have to say that I’m somewhat dubious because it makes me think of that dandelion & burdock malarkey. Vodka, pomegranate juice, sugar and a dash of lime cordial suits me fine anyway. When it doesn’t choose to wield my cocktail shaker shut that is.

    Additionally, I’m not at all sure about this because it just sounds like some sort of variant on Bombay toast.


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