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Aliases (1758 words. G.)
The utility of nicknames and hiding in plain sight. More from the Monster in the Tower.
My original fic site isn’t quite organised just yet but at least I can start uploading new pieces to the required folders so that’s not entirely cheating when it comes to having it ready by Burmese New Year.

Šahrzād (2593 words. G.)
Pertinent points in the raising of a Methuselah child.

Dante’s Inferno: An Animated Epic )
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Mononoke )

Genji Monogatari Sennenki )

All change

Dec. 29th, 2009 01:09 am
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In a fit of change and a slightly sparkling spring water drink, compounded by [ profile] nekonexus and Sim Tower I’ve finally gone in for a journal name change. I’ve changed the title and subtitle before but I’ve been thinking about simplifying the actual user id for a while now so here it is: a user id in which I style myself a Baron of the Holy Roman Empire because Prince-Elector would have involved umlauts and I certainly wasn’t going to go spelling it without.

This user id actually being an example of one of the things I love about German: the fact that you can take a phrase that would be comprised of separate words in English and ram it all together to make one long word so you get things like ‘die Lebensversicherungsgesellschaft’ or ‘Life Insurance Company’. Granted, ‘Reichsfreiherr’ doesn’t literally translate as ‘Baron of the Empire’ since ‘Freiherr’ is literally ‘free lord’ but still. And having done the same thing with my user id in other locations where I’ve used ‘kleinkindertod’ which wouldn’t be one word in English either being ‘Little Children’s Death’, akin quite possibly to the Death of Rats from Discworld, it's certainly quicker to type.

Any old links using the LJ code will automatically change and anything with the old ‘imperial_artist’ URL will redirect anyway but now I no longer have to fiddle with an underscore.

And least I lose the opportunity to link this: have the obligatory Mazinger Z Baron Ashura shower scene which is of course NSFW.
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Having watched the Death Note live action films since I’d given up with the anime a long time ago I did finally get around to finishing the manga a little while ago. I’d stopped just prior to the major plot point in the middle since I’d spoilered myself and it rather took away the surprise. And since I knew what was going to happen next I ended up skimming over plot summaries which persuaded me for the longest time that I probably wasn’t going to care that much about the rest of the series.

Spoilers from here on out )
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Also: Are anime characters Caucasian or Japanese? (youtube)
Which spells it out nicely. Especially for those racists who think that anything that falls outside of the ‘norms’ that they’ve decided on for another culture means that said culture encourages people to try to be white.
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This on [ profile] debunkingwhite.
I don’t have anything to say on the matter just yet and may well have worn myself out talking about my annoyance at three particular cases where idiots had stereotypes that they’d picked up and were determined that everybody of a certain origin should conform to them. There’s a comment towards the bottom about not sharing your in-jokes with outsiders because then they get used negatively and that’s exactly it at the end of the day.

Rob Thomas in Pot Culture, The A-Z Guide to Stoner Language & Life from [ profile] nekonexus’ post here.

And in keeping with that theme, on Google videos: Reefer Madness in all its dire glory.
Interestingly this actually views like the standard scare tactics warning videos that get waved about regarding an entire variety of things. Though one Catholic high school anti-premarital sex video I saw once seemed to project a rather confusing message anyway where the couple who did engage in premarital sex appeared to still be quite happy together by the end of the video anyway, with the only difference being that they weren’t engaging in the standard church wedding to validate their relationship.

Also on Google videos: Freaks which isn’t the sort of thing I’ll normally bother myself with but is actually one of the few quasi-romantic films I’ll tolerate.

And briefly: Vampire Knight )
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Only a handful of spoilers in relation to the manga )
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Little by way of spoilers really )
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Gauged in something of a degrees of repetition fashion the general trend seems to be as follows:
Step 1 – the joke is actually funny.
Step 2 – it’s getting a tad old.
Step 3 – the response to your telling it is either, being ignored outright or shrugs of indifference.
Step 4 – people actively tell you to stop.
Step 5 – people start to get distinctly uncomfortable when you start taking.

All of which applies to many things beyond bad joke renditions and may in fact already have a similar framework outlined in the Promethean sourcebook in regards to disquiet.

Bette Davis centenary The Telegraph
Which sports a wonderful image from The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex, which is one of those marvellous films along with The Prisoner of Zenda that I’ve always adored.
The Cure: Ghouls who refused to die The Telegraph

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And two tea mixtures )
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In other news I have this from Turkey at least. It’s instant pomegranate tea but it did indeed come in baggies and was a pale pink powdery substance which was amusing enough. But then Turkey also lost Wednesday’s match 2:0 to Romania so who knows what that portends.

And just in case I forget again; a double drabble I wrote while drunk. I write far too many of them really, though the last Naoji one came out almost looking like a haiku.
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In a vaguely nostalgic fashion this evening I’ve decided it’s time to re-upload the Ludwig Mini-adventure text game with all its provisos here, namely that it needs the ADRIFT Runner from here to run.
It’s not been updated or refined any but I felt it needed another airing at the world.

But for something else of reasonable rarity have Kazuto Nakazawa’s Comedy on youtube or at least this AMV for it. Though I’m not entirely convinced that Ireland has developed its own Black Forest as suggested by the actual short, unless the phrase is being used as less of a noun and more of an adjective modifying said noun. Though then it’s getting a little Harry Potter and the adjective noun or noun of adjective, depending.
Incidentally, that short is where my Monster in the Tower icons come from or at least the AMV is, since I hadn’t actually had time to search out the original till today. There’re not the same sort of monster anyway; mine actually is squamous.


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