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The last panel of this A Softer World remix might be a better snapshot of the past rather than the present. Though maybe this one might, in a way, be more indicative of the present.

I'll figure out a coherent narrative about that eventually.
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At some point today I'm certain that I had some valid points to make about how my location and occupation is shaping the face that I present to the world. That said, I've just had a dinner that consisted of scrambled eggs made with double cream, fried brioche and bacon, so I'm currently re-evaluating my dietary choice instead. Suffice to say, everything that I wanted to say, can probably be summed up as the aspiration to this.
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This and this strike me as rather good guiding principles. Quite possibly for all the wrong reasons.
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In non-tech news, this comic strip coming to fruition, characterisation-wise, in the latest Guy Ritche Victorian steampunk action film, with that character that so wants to be Russian version Watson, but fails miserably, would actually amuse me. In fact, the Russian adaptation is about the only version where additions to the characterisation haven't annoyed me: Russian Holmes is brilliant in that classical gentleman detective fashion and his good humour only adds to that impression. As for the above comic strip, the last panel may well be a non sequitur, but it's not actually that far from my own insta-amusement at old style Received Pronunciation of 'homosexual', especially when it comes from individuals who use more modern Received Pronunciation when saying everything else.
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Always be specific. Just in case the Wish Genie is a total dick - Hyperbole and a Half

There is no ‘just in case’: the Wish Genie is a complete bastard. To paraphrase by way of further details, if everything else is transport because the brain is what counts, to go with vehicular comparisons, right now my body is doing a passable impression of Marwood’s clapped out old Jaguar.

Incidentally, it occurs to me that I’ve more or less had the above conversation that I’m paraphrasing from, complete with trying to convince the chap opposite me that no, I wasn’t asking him out, I was just making conversation and could we go back to the labs now, please?
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The Case of the Two Watsons and Another Case of Watsons - Hark! A Vagrant (K. Beaton)

Playing Tetris Reduces Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Flashbacks - Mashable Tech

On the RL front, having spent my birthday and in fact most of the last week in bed, due to illness rather than anything interesting, it may well be that the highlight of my week was the evening I spent trying to wash the taste of peroxide out of my mouth. Which says it all really.


Nov. 7th, 2010 09:03 pm
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