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Theban Blindness – the case of Qurna - Caroline Simpson (Qurna History Project) via Egyptology News

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Women in Pharonic Egypt - Dr. Zahi Hawass via Asharq Alawsat (English Edition)
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In other news: this post on [ profile] debunkingwhite makes me wonder if I ought to start reading The Times again since The Telegraph has been generally disappointing me of late.
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As recommended by [ profile] blasphemiliar, Omnia’s reading of Poe’s The Raven which at the start reminds me a little of the Potter Puppet Palls’ Snape.

Picture Perfect (PG. Comedy. 2611 words.)
Cain’s new camera: Isaak & Dietrich in front of its lens. (An in-universe explanation for that official piece of fanservice featuring Isaak & Dietrich.)

The annotated Donkeyskin - SurLaLune

I Have no Mouth, and I Must Scream - Harlan Ellison (

Courtesy of [ profile] sf_drama the old argument that you can’t look things up yourself with a side helping of needing to be taught everything about life at school and this, which the linked commenter sums up better than I could.

Also, a meme stolen from [ profile] nekonexus: Were I a summonable creature, what kind of ritual would you craft to summon me?
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The Biblical Story of Jesus in Egypt - Al-Ahram

Odds and ends (including Ancient Egyptian Games Online) - Egyptology News

Catnip pillow (and cat) - [ profile] nekonexus

This is not an exit (American Psycho) - Yuletide fic

The Phantom of Manhattan Review Part 3 (in particular at 8:50) - Phantom Reviews (youtube)

The ‘other’ Phantom of the Opera musical (youtube)

Grimoires: A History of Magic Books by Owen Davis - bookslut (review)

In other news: having wound up with a Jelly-Belly selection box boasting forty flavours over the holiday I’ve started experimenting with some of the ‘recipes’ that came on the little insert card. One was a combination of cream soda and root beer jelly beans to create a taste like a root beer float which unfortunately for me tasted like Pepto-bismol or possibly Germolene. Likewise the lemon meringue pie combination tasted like hairspray. Though at least the jalapeño favoured jelly beans did taste like jalapeños… jalapeños with a really bizarre texture.
And I found the strawberry mochi that followed after much too sweet.
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Also: some Estonian ruins near Haapsalu courtesy of [ profile] ru_abandoned.
And the obligatory Carol of the Old Ones via [ profile] necronomiphiles on this fine Eris Eve.

And finally: does anyone want $10 off a paid account purchase? I have ten of these coupons if anybody wants one.
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The Death of Venice is Dead - Michelle Lovric (An Awfully Big Blog Adventure)

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The Lost Symbol and The Da Vinci Code author Dan Brown's 20 worst sentences - Tom Chivers (

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Back to its roots Al-Ahram Weekly
How did King Tut Die? Dr Zahi Hawass

Making Herb-infused Honeys Food Buzz

English Translation of Mozart’s Requiem Memphis City Schools

In other news, Mighty Leaf’s Chamomile Citrus makes for a rather good relaxing tea but comes across as a little thin on flavour to my palate. I can’t really pick up that much of the citrus but then whenever I drink anything with camomile I tend to find that the overpowering taste. A honey and chamomile blend that a friend drinks is about the only combination where I can taste the other flavour over the chamomile though that’s also a blend that usually knocks me out if I try to drink an entire cup.


Oct. 22nd, 2009 07:24 pm
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Review of Wraeththu: From Enchantment to Fulfillment RPGnet
”The Wraeththu aren’t gay-friendly; they’re gay-friendly to the extent that they appeal to thirteen-year old girls.”
The whole Wraethehu concept always reminds me of the main character in The Witcher (Zero Punctuation review) for some reason.

Tokyo: Town of Terror CNN Go
Tokyo is renowned for being one of the safest cities in the world, but that only refers to humans. Strange things lurk in the shadows of this high-tech metropolis. Ancient things. Powerful things. Possibly even dangerous things ...

Yokai Attack! The Japanese Monster Survival Guide

Autumnal Greens Casserole (Vegetarian) [ profile] vom_marlowe (linked by [ profile] nekonexus)

Crossed Genres
Issue 12, released November 1st will be the LGBTQ one featuring at least one pretty darn amazing writer that I will cryptically not name. Tekeli-li.
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Exodus (PG. 5169 words.)
An end to Isaak’s halcyon days in Londinium and the death of William’s fiancée.

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And in other news, I have some apricot tea from these people and while it is lovely as a light tea it is horribly thin which I wasn’t quite expecting. That was a surprised because I always presume that anything blended with black tea will have some weight to it but this is more like green tea as far as things go.

Also: Study: Herbs added to 5,100-year-old Egyptian wine
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Inception G. AU. Post Empire arc. Spoilers for Stories Untold VII. 1717 words.
It’s hard for rebels to do anything but succeed when their leader is a martyr.

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Also, today it's finally dawned on me to look up the spelling of Guderian’s name in my copy of Canon. And it turns out that it ought to be spelt ‘グデーリアン’ so at least I can change the appropriate tag which has read ‘牙’ for lack of inspiration for quite some time.
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"Writers are people who write. By and large, they are not happy people. They're not good at relationships. Often they're drunks. And writing -- good writing -- does not get easier and easier with practice. It gets harder and harder -- so eventually the writer must stall out into silence. The silence that waits for every writer and that, inevitably, if only with death (if we're lucky the two may happen at the same time: but they are still two, and their coincidence is rare), the writer must fall into is angst-ridden and terrifying - and often drives us mad. (In a letter to Allen Tate, the poet Hart Crane once described writing as "dancing on dynamite.") So if you're not a writer, consider yourself fortunate."

- Samuel R. Delany’s About Writing quoted here.

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- New Prince of Persia game looks like it could potentially be a rather good remake of 3D.
- Tate Britain: The Lure of the East – British Orientalist Painting. The book that goes with the exhibition is also quite lovely.
- Via [ profile] debunkingwhite: The 9 Most Racist Disney Characters. Aladdin’s going to be right up there with what’s looking to be a very white Persian prince in the upcoming film soon enough.
- Tokyopop gives up on this editing malarkey entirely.

- Got up at 5am the other morning and constructed a mini Flanberg from a small flan base, a kiwi, a handful of strawberries and a sprinkling of caster sugar. Didn’t add jelly in the end. Was amused by its sheer lack of dignity which seemed appropriate enough.
- Am now the proud owner of five hoses. Thought I’d accidentally ruined one that turned out to be washable but ended up picking up a batch of three more before I discovered that fact.
- Picked up camomile & spearmint tea instead of camomile & apple by mistake. Camomile & spearmint turns out to be a rather good digestive tea.
- Need to order more apple tea from Turkey. Whittard’s version simply doesn’t compare.
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Egypt Society of Bristol newsletter Issue 23.

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Aside from that, I’ve been watching Granada reruns while semi-convalescing and watching several episodes of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes in quick succession really has highlighted that David Burke’s Watson really was much louder and proactive than Edward Hardwicke’s version. As a child I recall preferring Hardwicke’s version, possibly because I felt that Holmes ought to be the only person leaping around for dramatic effect and Watson doing similar detracted from that but I suspect that I ought to go back and read some of the actual stories to refresh my memory as to which actually was accurate. I also need to get myself a complete copy of the stores with the Sidney Paget illustrations since I’m not convinced that I actually have all of them, though in the meantime while watching the TV adaptation I probably ought to stop eyeing the set critically and noting that the Royal Academy of Music should be just out of shot during a wide pan during the opening.

In other news, I suspect that I’m beginning to go off standard Café Crèmes which is a curious thing to have happen.


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