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Having made not much more headway with the pr0n I was attempting to write today I instead ended up writing entirely different pr0n:
Hortus Conclusus (2814 words. Non-con. [Heed the non-con warning, William fans.] Crossdressing. Pre-Silent Noise.)
Even in Rome itself some crimes go unpunished.

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Since I’ve reached 100 Trinity Blood fics at Sunsets, it’s Nuit Blanche, I’m meant to be writing pr0n and we’re into the countdown to International Narsus Month: drabble/ficlet/maybe even something longer requests are open. Prompts such as fandom, character, prop or location are welcome or name a genre, a point in the canonical storyline etc. Crossovers are fine too: I’ll see what I can do with them.

Fandoms I can probably write in at the current time being: Meine Liebe, Trinity Blood, The Matrix, Sherlock Holmes, Yugioh AU, Sunshine, Batman, The Hellbound Heart, Stargate, XXXholic, Greek myth, Saiyuki. There may be more that I’m missing from that list too so try me.

Not limited to one request per player since I’m in the mood to be writing.
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Jasmine green tea – I was never very fond of jasmine green tea regardless of the blend. It’s not a bad combination but I tend to find the jasmine overpowering in this sort of combination.

Spearmint green tea – Spearmint being my general preference as far as mint varieties go, since peppermint always makes me feel queasy so I’m inclined to like any spearmint tea. In this case it’s a very fresh tasting tea though the green tea aspect seems almost entirely lost under the spearmint.


Conversation (775 words. 1941 timeline.)
An interlude. Orpherus and Eduard.
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1543 words. G.
Legends, relics and errant crusaders. Pre-war. 1935 timeline.

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Henriette watches her stepson.

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Cultivation (PG. 2029 words. Eduard-centric.)
The necessary cultivation of the political elite also involves pruning away the excess. With the scantest of references to episode 10.
Addressing just why the unfortunate Trugler of episode 10 of the first series managed to carry on as he did and what Naoji’s up to a year or so after having finished school.

In other news, my hibiscus tea has finally arrived in a small and battered box that took its time arriving from Egypt and the result is a thing of beauty. It’s this brand but in a larger quantity and is apparently good for a whole range of things which interest me somewhat less than the actual flavour.
Peanut butter cookies on the other hand seem to be a tad problematic as I highly suspect that the peanut butter that I used was far softer than the recipe presumed. They’re not bad, though perhaps a little more savoury that I’d been hoping for and look more like rock cakes than anything else because by the time I decided to make them I couldn’t be bothered with doing much more than dumping the mixture onto a baking tray with a spoon instead of making them look presentable. This is one of the few occasions when I’m actually baking for myself anyway so I don’t really have to worry about presentation.
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Copy-pasting the post I’ve just made to [ profile] _meine_liebe because I’m lazy like that (and would like to keep the coding) and am stridently avoiding either doing anything constructive or attempting to unravel the mess of the 1935 timeline. I’m sure it has chunks cut out of it all over the place which disrupts continuity.

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Notes on the 1935 timeline )

Also, today’s [ profile] apod really is beautiful.
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Featuring two characters from the games.

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Home Post-Aftermath. Naoji and a few thoughts on the drive home after a long day of being Strahl. 1060 words.

In other news this redbush tea which is apparently being touted as something different to rooibos isn’t exactly bad. It’s not particularly anything really and just seems to be something along the lines of one of those strange tasting concoctions that people drink because it’s supposedly good for them.
Also, there's a Broken World ficlet by [ profile] nekonexus that needs more appreciation.

And a mythological snippet that I forgot some time ago )
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One Meine Liebe fic (Indivisible 1460 words. G. Talk of alliances, marriages and Braunschweig spring parties. Post-Rosenstolz.), a [ profile] domino_effect_ log (yes, this is the one involving the NPC tarot reader that I’ve been promising), some charming though modern teaglasses, two Mozart librettos (I ought to keep an eye out for this one too) and a hibiscus tea blend later I’m beginning to suspect that over the last week I may have been fighting off the flu. It would explain a few things really.

At least pater’s birthday present has arrived and I’ve since discovered that the sherry glasses and decanter set that I ordered is actually a handmade one which is a lovely extra touch. It also reminds me that I used to have a pair of handmade margarita glasses but I can’t actually recall what became of them or exactly where they came from. I do recall it being somewhere in Wales and going on a tour of the workshops but since I also recall waking up in either Merthyr Tydfil or Llandrindod Wells during one long daytrip when I’m fairly certain that I was staying somewhere along the Pembroke coast it’s probably anyone’s guess as to where the glassmakers were located. Though at least google reassures me that Lamphey Palace is in fact in Pembrokeshire which was probably local enough.
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Due in part to Shakespeare in the Bush from Conformity and Conflict: Readings in Cultural Anthropology.
Count it as a late drabble for the birthday of [ profile] soubi_no_kissu.

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Geppetto involving dolls and character death is finally done. Somehow I think I ran out of steam while writing the first part but since I’ve been meaning to finish it for a while it’ll just have to do. It’s one of those snap-shot AU pieces anyway.

Delilah likewise is finished and was actually quite enjoyable to write. And other than the less than serious Suzanne/Helga pieces or that one Astaroth/Esther drabble; might actually be my first real piece of Trinity Blood shojo-ai. It also earns a new demotivational poster which probably belongs in a series with Rhetoric, Classical Realism, Kantianism and International Relations.

Necessity and the as yet to be written Invention may be a two-part piece at least which will be a more serious take on a background for Süleyman. Though the other rather more comedic one won’t be entirely left to flounder, if only because Radu’s grandfather Mircea really does need some screen time.

Other than that, after I’ve edited an original piece for Yule unless I suddenly have the urge to make further progress with either of my two logistical exercises; I suspect that I’m done for the year.

And to end with; a silly reinc drabble prompted by [ profile] nekonexus.

Trinity Blood & Meine Liebe because it’s not as if I haven’t done it before )
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As International Narsus Month comes to an end and the world prepares for Yule (or Eris which I celebrated last year at around the same time) I feel like I ought to share something suitably insightful with the world; alas, not being currently able to think of anything I’ll share fic instead.

G. 1323 words. Eduard on the difference between language and communication. Post-Rosenstolz.

G. 1308 words. Old gods, false goddesses and Süleyman’s ruminations in the dark.
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2480 words. G/PG. Post-war AU. Set a year or so after Regret.
Orpherus and the matter of revolution.

And a note on salad: grilled red pepper chunks aren’t half bad. Though pasta, lettuce, red pepper, sweetcorn and ham only really need ground pepper by way of dressing since honey-mustard dressing seems to negate the taste of the sweetcorn so it just ends up being in there for texture and it’s the same texture as the red pepper chunks anyway.
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1545 words. G. AU on the religion front if Ischtar Baamilia is to be believed. Post-Rosenstolz. Just after the Whitsun parliamentary recess.
Orpherus, the day to day business of one particular type of Strahl and some hints at more delicate matters concerning the Church.

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