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Snitched from [ profile] emthornhill:

Which amuses me because this begs to differ since I’ve been stricken with insomnia. Though at least that seems to put me in the right mood to write wonderfully insane reasoning for things.

At which point I should probably actually attempt something like a few hours sleep, though not before I add: 新年快樂 and wish a peaceful and prosperous Year of the Rat to all. Now I just need to find out when Thingyan, or so it seems to transliterate, falls this time round.
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Blatantly lifted from [ profile] trinity_rating and possibly to be taken with a grain of salt.

Survey )
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Note to self: next time stick to things that you know are at least vaguely of a French or Hungarian origin when it comes to food experimentation.

I suppose what really went wrong with this dish wasn’t the entire thing itself but rather the added fry bit. I substituted diced pork for lamb liver and ended up with fairly overcooked pork that really wasn’t all that appetising. And there are few things more discouraging in life than hard, nasty meat. Having removed the pork, the overall dish was still really very salty and only just about manageable with a dry bit of toast on the side. It turned into more of a broth type of affair and that wasn’t quite what I was looking for today. Still, at least I know that it’s a dish that’ll knock me sideways if I ever attempt to eat it again so I suppose I’ll know what to avoid. Part of the added effect is probably also due to the fact that I tend to cook with little or no salt on most occasions because I can follow medical advice on occasions I’m just that lazy too.

And now I’m too sleepy to give any further commentary on the matter so have a quiz-like thing instead in the form of an RPG name generator, which gave me:

The Great Archives determine you to have gone by the identity: Marquis of Angels
Known in some parts of the world as: Consort of The Hungry
The Great Archives Record: One of the poor who howl at the door of the Rosary and the garlic strung cross.

To which I’ll say only this; it’s Herzog, you numbnuts.
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So, a new USB wireless device for my laptop has finally been acquired today. One of those specifically dubious brands with “Made in China” stamped on the label with interestingly wonky text but as long as it’s transferring at 54Mbps and is happy enough with WPA, which my onboard card wouldn’t have supported anyway, I’m quite content.
Update-wise everything is fine and dandy now which usually means that there’ll be another problem to contend with soon enough and this time that’s already here. My DVD/CD-RW combo drive on the laptop has crapped out on me so I'm going need to replace that. I’ve got another laptop CD drive that I saved from an old laptop but annoyingly enough it’s just a CD drive without a writer so that won’t do really. At least the new laptops are easy enough to take apart; you can add more RAM or replace drives as needs be, unlike the old ones where you were stuck with whatever you’d just bought.

And a quiz. )
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I did this thing while on the phone attempting to make a GPs appointment... and I stole it from [ profile] antyllus.

Respectful Leader

Personal DNA map

I’ll just be over here in my corner with all the other Erbherzogs then: we have gin and canapés, you know.
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Neverwinter Nights, class alignments and fake paladins )
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Well no, but I did a quiz that told me that I’m that kind of messed up. I suppose I could always be Piter De Vries instead.

When I was little I wanted to be a Guild Navigator, then a Mentat, then ruler of House Harkonnen but all these quizzes keep telling me that I’m actually Paul Atreides. )
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Pilfered from the [ profile] lanithro
Quiz )
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Snitched from [ profile] emthornhill.

Tarot card quiz )
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I suspect that English was not the quiz-writer’s first language )

A quiz where one answer is "I like to play the piano... And summon spirits..." is always going to be fun though. And I did pick that answer too. ^_^
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I think I’m losing my voice so have a quiz snitched from [ profile] finferwen.

I am Gardenia!
Staring at people is fun, and this doll thing
really creeps people out. But, it is a good
song, and you all look very pretty.

Which Malice Mizer Video are You?
brought to you by Quizilla
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book worm tare panda
You're book worm Tare Panda!

Which Tare Panda are you?
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Can’t be bothered with sideways fic transmission. Vector replication fiddly enough as it is.

1247 words. Pre-Gunlock Hazel and the curious complexities of a scandal in Rome.
In Times Past (Echoes from the West link.)

A quiz snitched from [ profile] kintail.Read more... )

"A deal has been held up because both Schroeder and Merkel insist that they should be chancellor."
(From this article.)

Herr Ober! Wir möchten bitte zahlen. Because I have nothing to say either sensibly or sarcastically about this any more.
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You Are a Martini

There's no other way to say it: you're a total lush.
You hold your liquor well, and you hold a lot of it!

Much as I doubt the truth can be verified by the internet, I somehow feel that I should try to ascertain the validity of this quiz result with whatever combination of gin, vodka, brandy and lime cordial I can concoct this evening.
So much for finishing that long fic...
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Public deficit, poor relief and internet quzzies )

*takes off his economist hat because really, [ profile] kaytoil is the economist, not me*

There was also something about inheritance tax that I meant to rant on about but I need to look up the details first...
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result #2: ukoku sanzou!

02 UKOKU: someone who gets result #2, like ukoku sanzou, isn't exactly the most trustworthy person. ukoku sanzou attempts to become a sanzou because he heard it was nearly impossible to do. people like this will stop at nothing to get what they want, but sometimes they only do it just to say they've done something. these people also like to be challenged, and out of all the results, #2 is most likely to get the job done, and get it done right. they mask their pain by feigning indifference or laughing it off.
as a minor character, you wouldn't know when to quit; people think they've seen the last of you, but out of the blue, you've come back and you're creeiper than ever.

which saiyuki minor character would you be?
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I’ve just done a quiz that’s told me that I tend to be many people's ideal partner because I make them feel confident and accepted, apparently. I do suspect the internet of lying to me again.
Unless it’s trying to tell me that I’m a muse of some sort and can claim to be some derivative of Melpomene and thus go about inspiring tragedy or something. Which almost sounds like fun because at least when everything then goes to hell in a handbasket, if you were the muse of tragedy you could then claim some sense of professional pride in it.
Though I think I’ll leave Calliope out of the discussion…

In other news, I’ve found the drink the whole damn bottle point for the Meine Liebe drinking game because in episode 4, right towards the end just after Ludwig finishes duelling, he uses the shortened form of Orpherus’ name. Happy, happy.
Because it’s not a real drinking game unless you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you will end up totally insensible as a result of playing it.


Jul. 13th, 2005 02:47 pm
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You Are an Espresso

At your best, you are: straight shooting, ambitious, and energetic

At your worst, you are: anxious and high strung

You drink coffee when: anytime you're not sleeping

Your caffeine addiction level: high


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