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  • Have definitely identified that physical activity makes me feel better. If I don't do anything I tend to get lazier and lazier and end up feeling off. That said, having come back from a transatlantic trip I need to make sure that I don't try to do too much.
  • Have also had the revelation that I don't need to really stay in my current industry if a better position comes up. Somehow that hadn't quite sunk in. I'm due a review of the state of the nation anyway so mapping my way forward was always in the plan.
  • Might fancy living in Ottawa. There's something about being able to walk around to get to places that appeals.
  • Where I live right now is definitely not ideal for walking and exploring the countryside. But an English Heritage membership will fix that temporarily.
  • Have a vague notion that I might want to start writing again.
  • It's finally sunk in that eating and bread really does show up significantly digestion-wise. The fact that I'm mostly eating vegetables and fish seems to be what my body prefers.
  • Probably should start re-learning all that high school French that I didn't pay much attention to at the time.

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Saturday afternoon on a Bank Holiday and I'm drinking bucksfizz because Marks & Spencer had a sale. There has to be a punchline in there somewhere: This is not how I expected my life to turn out.
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I really do wish I hadn't promised to go to Christmas dinner today. I have two meals worth of pizza with American mustard left over, so I could have easily survived the day, and spent the morning in bed.
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You know you're winding down for the holidays when you've spent Friday night watching a Let's Play and shouting "What the fuck do you know, Baldur!"
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Today it occurs to me that the criteria I've been using, for the vast part of the last year, for purchasing clothes has been whether or not I could possibly wear the item for work. It actually reached the point where most of my wardrobe was work-applicable, with the only two other categories being summer wear for Canada or things to wear to the gym. This started to become a bit of a problem a few months ago when I stopped turning down social invitations and actually starting doing things other than dealing with moving, business paperwork or work functions. When it comes down to it, it's all really come to a head today, when I realised, while contemplating a purchase, that the first question I asked myself was whether or not I could wear those items for work.

I could do with a little wardrobe separation really. Which would then be a continuation on from the mindset change that started with a dear friend pointing out that I was going round in circles focusing on work all the time.
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This is the first weekend in three weeks that I've had to myself. No dinners, no impromptu BBQs, no poor planning that means I've doing a 2 hour round trip to the same location both days. It's perfect. Granted, this also means a weekend to spend with my dishes and laundry, instead of having dinner conversations where one party offers to obtain industry grade food knives for another party, or I end up feeling like the Will Graham to the host's Hannibal Lecter, but I definitely need the rest. I should, in fact, have this weekend and next to myself, to get my home in order and sort myself out for my annual transatlantic trip, especially since this might actually be my last trip for a year or two. Though I'm probably compensating for that with three holidays this year in total. Still, to go back to the Hannibal analogy, it's nice to have a weekend away from trying to convince Abigail that, no really, we need to speak to this Freddie Lounds character first before anything else happens, and that Dr Lecter and I most certainly are not bring Miss Lounds back any cigarettes from our weekend away in Tuscany this year. Though, in my defence, I didn't actually know that chianti came from Tuscany before we booked that one.
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Having done a round trip of 250 miles today, granted, across some beautiful countryside, there may have been a touch of hysteria in my bursting out laughing at seeing a Lotus, an Aston and an MX2 racing up the M42 this evening. I'm fairly sure that laugher wasn't the response that all that engine revving was meant to inspire.
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12 year old Cardhu single malt reminds me why I'm not the greatest fan of Speyside scotch. It's very distinctly weighty and a little bit acerbic, though, granted, I'm not taking my time over it this evening. Having made the quick trip to the local Tesco, in the nearest town, I'd decided that I was going to spend the coupon I'd picked up last week, so was apt to pick up a single malt of some variety, along with the roasting pan I'd been after for a while. At the checkout the cashier, evidently making conversation, asked if the Cardhu was a special present for someone, to which I responded that no, I'd just had a bad day at work. Though, considering my locale, and what I was wearing, I'm sure I could be any variety of country living type who'd at least have had the good sense to lock up the ratting guns before I hit the scotch.
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The best solution to a terrible day is to walk down to the fields, lean against the fence, and smoke, just as the sky starts to dim.
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Dec. 30th, 2012 12:17 pm
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Many years ago I recall my cousin advising not to immediately relax too much as soon as I had time off or I'd spend the first few days being ill. I suspect that, in my case at least, what happens is that, knowing I'll be off soon, I push myself that little too much. Certainly, over the last week or so there's been a frenetic level of activity, to the point where I'd wake up in the morning thinking about work. The level of activity itself was due to external factors but I could have paced myself somewhat better. And walking across site several times a day, in the cold, for various reasons can't have helped my health, 'face time' be damned.

It took at least 4 hours to feel like my head had cleared last night and having slept 10 hours, I still woke up at 6am feeling rough. In fact, I suspect that my tonsils are slightly swollen, which might at least explain my throwing up phlegm for the last 2 mornings in a row. Thankfully I'm not going anywhere this weekend so, if I'm lucky, I'll be better in time to drive up to spend Christmas Day with a friend.
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This morning I had a conversation that, if you'd thrown the word 'babe' in a few times and added the accents, wouldn't have been out of place in certain parts of Essex. My life has taken a turn for the surreal. I've never even been to Brentwood. In fact, I'm fairly sure that I've only ever driven through the county.


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