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In the process of clearing out things that are, in some cases, almost as old as I am, I've made the alarming discovery that I've had packs of cigarettes and decks of cards all over my bedroom. I turned up a grand total of 8 packs of cards and so many packs of cigarettes and cigarillos that I've lost count. I know why I have 2 cigar cutters, 2 pipes and 4 jars of mu‘assel, and even the cigarettes, cigarillos and cigars can be reasonably accounted for. The 8 decks of cards on the other hand make me wonder if I've been moonlighting as some kind of cardsharp in my sleep. I'll have to start wearing my trilby at a rakish angle and addressing people as "ma'am".

In other news, I rediscovered a newspaper clipping of a section from one of my favourite poems: Departure by Coventry Patmore.
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Ronnefeldt Earl Grey has a surprisingly nice tang to it, due to the addition of lemon. I’m not normally a great fan of Earl Grey but I am finding that citrus combination seems to work for me. Not always, as there are some Kusmi Tea blends that I’m not terribly fond of, but if the citrus is sharp enough to cut right through the tea then I find that that works for my palate.

Treasurer Gold cigarettes, on the other hand, fail to impress me. Of the 3 varieties these are the mildest, though they have the same nicotine content as the Black. The lower carbon monoxide content may be the issue here so that they seem very light. Of course the packaging is impressive, with a metal tin, gold filters and printed paper, but unfortunately the taste doesn't live up to the presentation. Then again, the only way that these cigarettes could look any better would be if the paper was actually a rolled bank note.
narcasse: Sherlock.  2010 BBC adaptation. (pensive)
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Tea & tech

Feb. 26th, 2011 09:39 pm
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As to the ongoing nicotine patches & cigarettes experiment: Pall Mall ultra lights have no discernable interaction with a 10mg nicotine patch. At 0.4mg of nicotine per cigarette I may as well not be smoking at all anyway. And unfortunately I can’t remember what strength patch I was wearing the evening that I smoked part of a Bolivar Tubo No. 1 with one too many glasses of port.
narcasse: Sherlock.  2010 BBC adaptation. (pensive)
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In other news, I appear to have two Dreamwidth codes if anybody wants them, in particular, one former LJer.


Nov. 7th, 2010 09:03 pm
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In entirely unrelated news: "We're clearly in a slash fic. I'm a much more attractive man and don't look like the backside of a fish..." is a line that will keep me amused for some time to come.
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  • Had a whole post about the LJ business model and how it really wasn’t ideal if the idea was to generate more users who’d pay for extra features. Got bored of it a few hundred words in.
  • Must get on with this Dreamwidth thing. Fewer icons will not kill me.
  • Can’t fault self on purchase of permanent LJ account: seemed like a good idea at the time. Can write off sunk costs at the end of the day.
  • Handwrote fic on train when should have been doing more productive things. Had forgotten what it was like to have people trying to peer at writing/monitor.
  • Found new drinking game: must find badfic to go with it.
  • Need to figure out which posts to archive to Dreamwidth. Can’t be bothered with all of them but may not be entirely caffeinated enough to figure out if selective importing is possible. May have to do it manually.
  • Am actually developing enthusiasm for things again. Blame upcoming autumnal equinox. Discovering local stockists of Sobranie Black Russian can’t be hurting either.
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    In addendum to this really:

  • That stiff, downwards angled hand tactic still doesn’t hide the fact that a limp handshake is still a limp handshake. I don’t understand why people do it.
  • I really need to be careful of which Starbucks I go to because today is the second time that I’ve had a different branch to my regular one be confused about my order and then proceed to get it wrong.
  • I’m discovering that I can introduce the topic of tobacco into just about any conversation and today found myself giving cigar recommendations.
  • In pop culture observations for the morning I’m fairly sure that there was a Gothic Lolita of some type on the train today.
  • Post celebratory cigar earlier I do suspect that my tobacco tolerance is dropping again quite possibly because I haven’t been smoking shisha or Belomorkanal for a little while now.
  • Also: Mika.
  • Sometimes I even amuse myself when talk turns to marketing tactics.
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