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Choice (PG. 902 words. Süleyman/Dietrich.)
A lesson in choices.

Fantasy (18+, non-con. Involving cross-dressing and William’s specific use of gender pronouns in regards to Isaak. 1855 words.)
William has a very specific revenge fantasy in mind when it comes to Isaak.

Comparably (G. 760 words.)
Non-alcoholic cocktails & reminiscences of Londinium. Isaak & Dietrich in the downtime during a mission. Set during the Radio Head audio drama.

A snippet, a surprising observation & a failed poll )
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Aliases (1758 words. G.)
The utility of nicknames and hiding in plain sight. More from the Monster in the Tower.
My original fic site isn’t quite organised just yet but at least I can start uploading new pieces to the required folders so that’s not entirely cheating when it comes to having it ready by Burmese New Year.

Šahrzād (2593 words. G.)
Pertinent points in the raising of a Methuselah child.

Dante’s Inferno: An Animated Epic )
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922 words. G. The lost heritage of a bloodline.

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In other news, I still don’t quite know what I think about this Lindsay Gardens Island Spice Tea. It purports to contain black tea, coconut, mango and black pepper, and as the box tells me is microwavable. I can definitely taste the coconut and possibly the mango but there’s no real trace of pepper that I can detect. On one hand this has to be one of the few processed/artificial coconut flavoured things I can stand and certainly the coconut flavouring is wonderfully delicate but on the other hand the fact that I’m not sure I can taste anything else makes me think that the combination of flavours touted on the box is a little bit gimmicky. It’s an inoffensive tea at any rate but nothing spectacular and if I hadn’t been given some I doubt I would have ever bothered to try it.
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Time (1034 words. PG. Character death. Süleyman, Astaroth.)
"Even if I were to explain, you wouldn’t understand: you’re much too young."

Lohengrin (1296 words. 16+. Necrophilia. Dietrich.)
Dietrich’s precious cargo: on the journey from Carthago to Byzantium.

In other news, chapter 43 of Kuroshitsuji Read more... )

Also: congratulations, Australia. I believe the appropriate line from the Wilde screenplay would be: "I feel like the city that’s been under siege for twenty years, and suddenly the gates are thrown open and the citizens come pouring out to breath the air and walk the fields and pluck the wild flowers – I feel relieved."
narcasse: Sebastian Flyte.  Brideshead Revisited (2008) (weary)
300 words. PG. Isaak/William/Süleyman.
The morning after: three gentlemen go their separate ways.

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In brief )

Untitled Mary/Jane. 130 words. Post meeting Esther.
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As recommended by [ profile] blasphemiliar, Omnia’s reading of Poe’s The Raven which at the start reminds me a little of the Potter Puppet Palls’ Snape.

Picture Perfect (PG. Comedy. 2611 words.)
Cain’s new camera: Isaak & Dietrich in front of its lens. (An in-universe explanation for that official piece of fanservice featuring Isaak & Dietrich.)

The annotated Donkeyskin - SurLaLune

I Have no Mouth, and I Must Scream - Harlan Ellison (

Courtesy of [ profile] sf_drama the old argument that you can’t look things up yourself with a side helping of needing to be taught everything about life at school and this, which the linked commenter sums up better than I could.

Also, a meme stolen from [ profile] nekonexus: Were I a summonable creature, what kind of ritual would you craft to summon me?
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Having made not much more headway with the pr0n I was attempting to write today I instead ended up writing entirely different pr0n:
Hortus Conclusus (2814 words. Non-con. [Heed the non-con warning, William fans.] Crossdressing. Pre-Silent Noise.)
Even in Rome itself some crimes go unpunished.

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Have a drabble in which I express my discontent with adjectives.
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Because [ profile] blasphemiliar provided this wonderful piece of music and today I am of an age that isn’t twenty-five for the Nth time for a change.

1028 words. PG. AU.
Isaak & Dietrich on a mission in search of an underwater repository of Lost Technology.

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Also, inspired by this track: Lingering (two drabbles, pre & post the Methuselah revolution that failed).

And tea )
narcasse: Sebastian Flyte.  Brideshead Revisited (2008) (curio)
An AU to this AU here without which it probably won’t make too much sense.
1123 words. Gender-bending of a sort.

Interregnum )

At a tangent to the above in drabble format. What if Seth had let her children simply fight it out?

Will )

525 words. AU. Based on theorising here.
The last of the Nightlords: the brightest and the best.

Destiny )
narcasse: Sebastian Flyte.  Brideshead Revisited (2008) (smug)
Inspired by and following on from [ profile] ladyassassin27’s AU Esther piece here I’ve written, with permission, a piece that by way of warnings: does for Ion what the necrophilia piece did for Dietrich.

1175 words. Character death (that isn’t Esther), rather disturbing overall.
Ion before the dawn and Esther’s execution.

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Since I’ve reached 100 Trinity Blood fics at Sunsets, it’s Nuit Blanche, I’m meant to be writing pr0n and we’re into the countdown to International Narsus Month: drabble/ficlet/maybe even something longer requests are open. Prompts such as fandom, character, prop or location are welcome or name a genre, a point in the canonical storyline etc. Crossovers are fine too: I’ll see what I can do with them.

Fandoms I can probably write in at the current time being: Meine Liebe, Trinity Blood, The Matrix, Sherlock Holmes, Yugioh AU, Sunshine, Batman, The Hellbound Heart, Stargate, XXXholic, Greek myth, Saiyuki. There may be more that I’m missing from that list too so try me.

Not limited to one request per player since I’m in the mood to be writing.
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Because I actually have a friend who stopped eating figs after I told them about the pollination process.

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Voices (AU. PG. 508 words. Post-ROM3.)
Voices carry. Ion in the silences that aren’t silences at all.

Persona (G. 1544 words.)
Isaac Butler proves to be a useful persona. One take on the matter if Isaak really were immortal.

Immortality (G. 685 words. Post-series.)
Immortality is its own punishment. A far bleaker take on the possibility of Isaak’s immortality.
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Mind’s Eye (G. Double drabble that the site tells me is actually 208 words.)
Gyula remembers his wife. An explanation of exactly why Maria appeared to be coding in a ballgown of all the impractical things to wear.

Yuletide (PG. 1094 words.)
Christmas in Rome doesn’t suit Isaak in the slightest.
Actually written last Christmas, probably on Christmas morning while I ate pandoro for breakfast to go with Whittard’s Christmas tea since both were included in this fic.

Zugzwang (AU. PG. 767 words.)
All possible solutions expended death is a resolution in of itself.
More William & Isaak at the end of the line. Inspired by a conversation with [ profile] levyrasputin. Eventually I’ll run out of chess terminology to title these sorts of things with.


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