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Iran leader Khamenei brands US ‘nuclear criminal’ - BBC News

He also told the conference that the use of nuclear weapons was "haram" - prohibited under Islam.

He said there should be an independent international body set up to oversee nuclear disarmament.

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Support ebbs for pro-unity Turkish Cypriot leader - BBC News

The view of Mr Celik and others is that most Cypriots - Greek as well as Turkish - are happy with the current state of affairs: a divided island where the two communities live peacefully apart.

"If reunification talks fail," a European diplomat said, "then at some point in the future the international community could decide to walk away, on the grounds that there is no evidence that the two communities really want to make the compromises needed to live together."

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Barack Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize, Twitter Goes Crazy - Mashable

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Yesterday glancing over my RSS feeds I came across this particular article involving a response to the upcoming European elections. Now I have received little ‘vote for us’ pamphlets from the Conservative and Labour parties but little else. I have my polling card and the knowledge that Mr Farage’s party will be all for withdrawing from the EU still but that’s really about it. I know there was some furore with the Tories withdrawing from the European People’s Party but that was only ever anecdotal information and I’ve no idea where they stand now. So I will readily admit that there is a horrible lack of information in this country but that’s not what annoyed me in this case. My irritation stemmed from what was essentially a pointless gesture in protest: spoiling the ballot paper.

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Something stupid this way comes: Amazon removing rankings from LGBT books thus removing them from Amazon searches because they’re ‘adult’. Though you can still search for Playboy centrefolds for some reason.

Further details/links via [ profile] nekonexuspost on the topic.

And honestly, all of the evident stupidity above on the part of Amazon aside, from a business perspective isn’t this just counterproductive to their function?


’Gay writing’ falls foul of Amazon sales ranking system

Amazon Rank definition by Smart Bitches.

And the conclusion of this mess.
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France ends four-decade Nato rift BBC News

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Google serves up behavioural ads BBC News

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Progress Penny Arcade
All joking aside I wonder how far off we are from this.

Disney’s Pocahontas Nostalgia Chick
I’ve never seen this and though I’d heard comments I never actually realised how bad a whitewashing the entire story had been given. Children’s story or otherwise there’s far too much detail to really leave out and still call it the same tale. And as for the racism… Disney never did acquit themselves well on that account as far more informed individuals than I have pointed out.
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Sarkozy’s Club Med - Mark Mardell’s Euroblog

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There’s a reason that pill was RED - Chaos Marxism
All of which says in a nutshell that once you opt out of the game then you lose any chance of changing the rules in any way.

Also: Files found in abandoned hospital - BBC News
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The Future of American Power - F. Zakaria. Foreign Affairs, May/June 2008.

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The Age of Nonpolarity - R. Haass. Foreign Affairs, May/June 2008.

Rethinking the National Interest - C. Rice. Foreign Affairs, July/August 2008.

And in an unrelated fashion: Fake finger fools fingerprint reader - ZDNet (video)

While this is interesting in the same way that moving down the periodic table from Sodium with reactions to water is what strikes me about the entire process is just how easy it is. It’s certainly more effort than I’d be prepared to go to if I even had a biometric reader to test it on but it’s really not that hard at all. But then nitrating toluene isn’t all that hard either though it was under lab conditions when I did it so I had someone else constantly monitoring the ice bath so that things didn’t explode while I was working on them which suggests that difficulty really is pretty relative when it comes down to it.

Also, [ profile] kintail’s unique offer of awesomeness is a thing of wonder and a joy to behold on [ profile] livelongnmarry.
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Pharaoh’s Unusual Feminine Appearance Suggests Two Gene Defects

To be honest, I probably stopped caring about this around about the same time that I worked out that no matter how many accurate spells to guard you in your passage into the afterlife The Book of the Dead contained you were still going to be eaten by a crocodile if your heart wasn’t in balance against that feather. Though possibly things like the 1998 edition of Emery’s Elements of Medical Genetics have just killed the novelty value of this sort of thing over time.

Egyptian Etiquette for Eating The Wall Street Journal

This at least reminds me of something a Sicilian friend in high school once told me about how wishing someone well when you meant the complete opposite actually becomes a form of curse.

Information Operations: Trends and Controversies - M. D. Cavelty (CCS Analyses in Security Policy)
Russia and the “Frozen Conflicts” of Georgia (pdf) - S. Closson, S. Markedonov, A. Gegeshidze, V. Chirikba (Russian Analytical Digest)

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Behind China’s Anti-Foreigner Fever Business Week

"The Western media always report problems that have occurred during the development of China and turns a blind eye to all the accomplishments China has reached," wrote one Chinese blogger.

Other than making a cynical quip that people evidently don’t seem to know how the media works initially, it did occur to me that what the problem here seems to be is a difference in media function. Read more... )

In other news:
Keep Lesbos for the Lesbians A Don’s Life
Boris wins: Europe trembles Mark Mardell’s Euroblog
Seven reasons why Conservatives must leave the EPP Daniel Hannan (Conservative Home)
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Stadium crowd pushes for Islamist dream BBC News

"I think democracy is OK," [Din Syamsuddin] said. "But it's not enough. I think democracy in Indonesia should be supported by religious, ethical and moral values."
"Because this is a country where the majority of its citizens are religious people. So maybe not liberal democracy, but uncommon democracy; based on religious values - I say religious values, not necessarily Islamic values."

Islamists urge caliphate revival BBC News

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In other news:
Tories ‘have to show discipline’ BBC News
Cameron needs to stop coming up with lovely ideologies and instead work out how to implement them if he’s really going to accomplish anything at all. And cutting funding to Grammar schools isn’t the way to do it.

Russia’s Cossacks rise again BBC News


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