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Because I've hardly had the time or inclination lately.

  • Part 3 of aerospace manufacturing Cabin Pressure AU, which is very much unlikely to be the final part. If only because I appear to be writing a soap opera where Douglas is the hapless heroine.
  • Tinker Tailor modern day AU. Audits and Starbucks and, unexpectedly, the Jaguar Heritage collection. Because anything that's set in the canonical timeline always comes back to Peter's breakup or George's marriage and I may have actually exhausted everything I have to say about those topics.
  • Something based about unpleasant relationship presumptions. Cabin Pressure of course because, when I'm not writing AUs or how they got into that relationship in the first place, I really need to work out the knots of the power dynamic that could easily be involved.

So far I only have 3 major ideas that I need to write out but if I don't jot down the intention of writing them I may never get there. That said, I can probably jot down the intention to lose weight as much as I please without that making much difference, and I really do need to, my Heritage collection jacket seemed to be fitting a little snug the other day after all.
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Aug. 28th, 2011 10:25 am
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Including mentions of writing sex scenes )
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  • Had a whole post about the LJ business model and how it really wasn’t ideal if the idea was to generate more users who’d pay for extra features. Got bored of it a few hundred words in.
  • Must get on with this Dreamwidth thing. Fewer icons will not kill me.
  • Can’t fault self on purchase of permanent LJ account: seemed like a good idea at the time. Can write off sunk costs at the end of the day.
  • Handwrote fic on train when should have been doing more productive things. Had forgotten what it was like to have people trying to peer at writing/monitor.
  • Found new drinking game: must find badfic to go with it.
  • Need to figure out which posts to archive to Dreamwidth. Can’t be bothered with all of them but may not be entirely caffeinated enough to figure out if selective importing is possible. May have to do it manually.
  • Am actually developing enthusiasm for things again. Blame upcoming autumnal equinox. Discovering local stockists of Sobranie Black Russian can’t be hurting either.
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    Choice (PG. 902 words. Süleyman/Dietrich.)
    A lesson in choices.

    Fantasy (18+, non-con. Involving cross-dressing and William’s specific use of gender pronouns in regards to Isaak. 1855 words.)
    William has a very specific revenge fantasy in mind when it comes to Isaak.

    Comparably (G. 760 words.)
    Non-alcoholic cocktails & reminiscences of Londinium. Isaak & Dietrich in the downtime during a mission. Set during the Radio Head audio drama.

    A snippet, a surprising observation & a failed poll )
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    Lifted from [ profile] ladyassassin27: Post a little bit of each WIP you have (or as many as you want to pick). No context, no explanations.

    Trinity Blood pieces all.
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    Also: a glimpse of my current Photoshop working area because I’m trying to work out skin tone shading for William. He could presumably be as pale as Dietrich but my sense of aesthetics wants to make him darker. On the other hand I don’t want to use the same choice as I use for Radu and I’m not entirely sure if William should be darker or paler than Radu anyway. If I was colouring an Isaak icon this would have been so much easier since I could just make him anaemically pale instead. And, yes that Radu image still has defined eyes without the background layer. That’s because I put eye makeup on all the Radu images for the most part.
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    In other news: this post on [ profile] debunkingwhite makes me wonder if I ought to start reading The Times again since The Telegraph has been generally disappointing me of late.
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    Having made not much more headway with the pr0n I was attempting to write today I instead ended up writing entirely different pr0n:
    Hortus Conclusus (2814 words. Non-con. [Heed the non-con warning, William fans.] Crossdressing. Pre-Silent Noise.)
    Even in Rome itself some crimes go unpunished.

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    Have a drabble in which I express my discontent with adjectives.
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    Ahahaha, no. His sole pauldron attaches to the outside of his cloak? Fuck you, character designs: I’m sticking with actual armour. Can we say ‘limited mobility’ anyone? I get armouring up the non-dominant arm but there’s jousting style pauldrons and then there’s This Makes No Fucking Sense.

    Then again this is a character design by an artist who regularly creates characters with huge foreheads because while they’ve listened to the instruction to draw eyes half way down the face they’ve yet to grasp that hair doesn’t just sit right at the very top of the facial oval. I can see why they’ve been paired with the other artist who can only draw two body shapes which are straight up and down or sexy female hip to waist ratio, even if the two characters being drawn side by side are men.

    Christ, it’s the 4th already: I’ve lost a day.
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    Christmas 2009 food notebook: British cheeses

    The Kitchen Thinker: menu mark-ups

    The art of writing a sex scene

    Let's Play System Shock - Episode 01 Stassinet
    "Do I have ammo for my weapon?"
    "It’s a lead pipe."
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    232 words. G. Yet another take on the drunken butler stereotype. I’ve no idea if this is actually going anywhere though; it’s the right time of year to break out the Pimm’s Winter so it gets a ficlet is my only excuse.

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    About that pr0n then... )
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