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Pharaoh’s Unusual Feminine Appearance Suggests Two Gene Defects

To be honest, I probably stopped caring about this around about the same time that I worked out that no matter how many accurate spells to guard you in your passage into the afterlife The Book of the Dead contained you were still going to be eaten by a crocodile if your heart wasn’t in balance against that feather. Though possibly things like the 1998 edition of Emery’s Elements of Medical Genetics have just killed the novelty value of this sort of thing over time.

Egyptian Etiquette for Eating The Wall Street Journal

This at least reminds me of something a Sicilian friend in high school once told me about how wishing someone well when you meant the complete opposite actually becomes a form of curse.

Information Operations: Trends and Controversies - M. D. Cavelty (CCS Analyses in Security Policy)
Russia and the “Frozen Conflicts” of Georgia (pdf) - S. Closson, S. Markedonov, A. Gegeshidze, V. Chirikba (Russian Analytical Digest)

And the last to for my own reference since I’m far too vague a mood to actually be able to sit down and read them or anything else moderately sensible. I’ve actually been attempting to read what’s essentially an economics text on Russia’s change over to a more laissez-faire economy as well as Cory Doctorow’s Little Brother which I simply can’t read straight through because it makes me horrifically angry, on one hand because of the obvious and on the other because that key event that happens early on to the main characters hits really close to home and in the real world some of those people didn’t come back.

Somehow I can’t seem to quite concentrate on anything at the current time which would be why I’ve been channelling my efforts into domestic tasks this week. It’s not quite reached the level that it did once when a friend rang me at two in the morning only to find that I’d been up scrubbing the shower but I suspect that things are getting pretty close.
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