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Iran leader Khamenei brands US ‘nuclear criminal’ - BBC News

He also told the conference that the use of nuclear weapons was "haram" - prohibited under Islam.

He said there should be an independent international body set up to oversee nuclear disarmament.

Posturing aside since that sort of thing is a given in Iran-US relations the two above points stand out from the article. The first I applaud as a very political use of religion and though I’d want more specifics about the justification criteria, if an idea like that could be adopted then that creates the right frame of mind for nuclear disarmament to progress. I’m personally wary of religious justification alone for anything in cases were there’s no plausible non-religious support for it but since as a general rule just about every religious law has a social component if it’s applied in a suitable context and in the spirit of productive social intent there shouldn’t be a problem. Which is a rather convoluted way of saying that as long as it’s understood why such laws are applied then it’s an awful lot easier to get that application right rather than simply applying the letter of the law while completely and utterly degrading the spirit of it.

Alas, the second point here while admirable strikes me as being a little idealistic. An independent international body set up to oversee nuclear disarmament sounds like a good idea but then you have to construct that body and choose its membership which could easily be fraught with problems. Still, if the EU, bickering supranational structures that it’s comprised of, can manage it by balancing various interests out then it might well be possible.

Support ebbs for pro-unity Turkish Cypriot leader - BBC News

The view of Mr Celik and others is that most Cypriots - Greek as well as Turkish - are happy with the current state of affairs: a divided island where the two communities live peacefully apart.

"If reunification talks fail," a European diplomat said, "then at some point in the future the international community could decide to walk away, on the grounds that there is no evidence that the two communities really want to make the compromises needed to live together."

I have far less to say about this than the above article because behind plenty of this sort of thing is merely a condensed whining about wanting to prevent Turkish accession. It’s been going on for years and the grounds for keeping Turkey out of the EU grow more threadbare as time progresses. As for Cyprus, if Belgium can manage with its division between Flemish and Waloon regions then if Cyprus can work out something similar the EU will have no grounds for bothering them further about it.
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