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I never thought I’d reach the day when I found myself thinking that perhaps, just perhaps I had too much data storage space available to me. Of course there’s no such thing is too much data storage in the same way as there’s no such thing as fair business practice once you’ve created a monopoly but in small instances sometimes more is not the solution. I have a total of 2.5TB data storage available to me which tends to lend itself to making the 388GB I had before look insignificant. I had been planning on keeping one of the two drives that made up that figure but by way of comparison it was fairly pointless. I don’t need another drive permanently installed in this new machine just to back up my documents when I can back them up quite easily on an external.

Perhaps then it’s all about ruthless efficiency. It’s better for the drives if I keep that 1.5TB storage in external format so that I’m not running them constantly when I don’t need to use them. An extra 232GB drive installed internally would boot every time I started up my system and then just sit there being active and wasting its lifecycles: that’s not something I need to do. I don’t need my old USB expansion card either or a separate soundcard these days or a TV card because my video player is on a shelf these days rather than set up for ease of access. There are only so many times that I need to watch the famous Jeremy Irons and Anthony Andrews naked scene in Brideshead Revisited on VHS anyway. Granted, I don’t have things like M. Butterfly or the original Indiana Jones trilogy in DVD format but if I really did feed the urge to watch them again I could always use the video recorder that’s attached to the telly.

Thus I don’t need to hang on to extra storage on the off chance of possibly, maybe needing it at some point down the line and on the same principle I don’t have a floppy drive anymore either. I’m waiting on a flash drive that can store the equivalent of eight DVDs: I somehow doubt I’ll be needing 1.44MB worth of storage specifically any time soon.

At a tangent of technicality, if an online IQ test today is anything to go by my IQ appears to have dropped in the last twenty years. I’m sure I scored higher when I was ten. It’s still in the same vaunted range but the points score has gone down, though that could easily be explained by the fact that the questions were less about testing capacity for anything other than playing little mathematical games. They were the sorts of geometry and number sequence questions that you’d do in the final year of junior school because you liked maths and the textbooks and teachers were trying to make it fun as well as educational. My maths definitely isn’t half as good as it use to be and my spelling, while getting better, still is occasionally quite atrocious but on the other hand I can build a PC from scratch, pinpoint the classical elements of group theory that are the basis for things like this and this and my ability to pinpoint telling body language is getting along rather well these days.

It’s the sort of issue that books like Emotional Intelligence are all about: the ability to apply appropriate solutions to appropriate situations. You’re not measuring ‘intelligence’ whatever that’s meant to be but rather the ability to engage with a scenario. I’m evidently not that good at engaging with the standard mathematical puzzle scenario but I’ve increased my abilities in other realms. Thus the volume of my ‘intellect’ I was using to remember mathematical games has now been repurposed to allow me to do other things, things more relevant to me at the current time: the opportunity cost of building up those skills then has been my ability to get anywhere with IQ tests.

At the end of the day if the question is: am I smart? Then the answer depends entirely on the criteria for ‘smart’ in any given scenario. But if the question is: can I apply myself? Then the answer is always: absolutely.
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