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- The second ‘vampire’ moon that appears in the sky after the Mars colonists return may well be the Arc in low orbit since Trinity Blood simply doesn’t allow for any supernatural elements in its world scheme.
- The prince’s city isn’t Babylon at all since in Sands of Time he references what may well be Shīrāz, capital of the current day Fars Province of Iran, and once capital of the Zand dynasty as well as a key city of the Buyid dynasty.
- Seeing as the logo from Sands of Time looks very much like this particular 18th century Persian astrolabe it’s not inconceivable that some other details might look to historical accuracy too.
- Having watched the apology to the stolen generations of Australia right though at last, it’s really not a good sign when the speech made by the current Australian PM comes across as filled with sincerity and an abiding faith in humanity at such a sharp contrast to the opposition leader’s speech which, while following a similar format, could probably be broken down into a bizarre empathising with rich white racists of an earlier era and a desperation not to be sued. A qualified apology not being an apology at all at the end of the day.
- Team Fortress 2 trailer: Meet the Heavy - Russian, German, English.

And since I’ve not had a chance to write anything specific for the Day of Kiro ([ profile] kintail), to mark the occasion:


Disclaimer: Meine Liebe belongs to Konami, Yuki Kaori and others.


Once upon a time Eduard slept on his back or on his side or in any other position that accommodated Orpherus. Watching him sleep as if fearing he’d otherwise vanish.
It had seemed reasonable at the time.

Almost two years later Eduard lies awake in bed again. Not because he is watching Orpherus but because he is lying on his stomach with Orpherus plastered to his back.
And one leg, one arm and a nose buried in his hair are all it’s taken to persuade him that sharing a bed with Orpherus isn’t necessarily the best way to do things.


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