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In addendum to this really:

  • That stiff, downwards angled hand tactic still doesn’t hide the fact that a limp handshake is still a limp handshake. I don’t understand why people do it.
  • I really need to be careful of which Starbucks I go to because today is the second time that I’ve had a different branch to my regular one be confused about my order and then proceed to get it wrong.
  • I’m discovering that I can introduce the topic of tobacco into just about any conversation and today found myself giving cigar recommendations.
  • In pop culture observations for the morning I’m fairly sure that there was a Gothic Lolita of some type on the train today.
  • Post celebratory cigar earlier I do suspect that my tobacco tolerance is dropping again quite possibly because I haven’t been smoking shisha or Belomorkanal for a little while now.
  • Also: Mika.
  • Sometimes I even amuse myself when talk turns to marketing tactics.
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    The Biblical Story of Jesus in Egypt - Al-Ahram

    Odds and ends (including Ancient Egyptian Games Online) - Egyptology News

    Catnip pillow (and cat) - [ profile] nekonexus

    This is not an exit (American Psycho) - Yuletide fic

    The Phantom of Manhattan Review Part 3 (in particular at 8:50) - Phantom Reviews (youtube)

    The ‘other’ Phantom of the Opera musical (youtube)

    Grimoires: A History of Magic Books by Owen Davis - bookslut (review)

    In other news: having wound up with a Jelly-Belly selection box boasting forty flavours over the holiday I’ve started experimenting with some of the ‘recipes’ that came on the little insert card. One was a combination of cream soda and root beer jelly beans to create a taste like a root beer float which unfortunately for me tasted like Pepto-bismol or possibly Germolene. Likewise the lemon meringue pie combination tasted like hairspray. Though at least the jalapeño favoured jelly beans did taste like jalapeños… jalapeños with a really bizarre texture.
    And I found the strawberry mochi that followed after much too sweet.
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    Back to its roots Al-Ahram Weekly
    How did King Tut Die? Dr Zahi Hawass

    Making Herb-infused Honeys Food Buzz

    English Translation of Mozart’s Requiem Memphis City Schools

    In other news, Mighty Leaf’s Chamomile Citrus makes for a rather good relaxing tea but comes across as a little thin on flavour to my palate. I can’t really pick up that much of the citrus but then whenever I drink anything with camomile I tend to find that the overpowering taste. A honey and chamomile blend that a friend drinks is about the only combination where I can taste the other flavour over the chamomile though that’s also a blend that usually knocks me out if I try to drink an entire cup.
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    Today listening to "I know him so well" from the ABBA musical Chess it occurred to me that the song is quite the paean to monogamy in spite of the characters actually involved.

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    Because I did that "Comment to this post and I will give you a letter. Upload and share five songs beginning with that letter" meme and [ profile] blasphemiliar awarded me the letter ‘c’ for ‘chervil’.

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    Professor (G. AU. 1219 words.)
    Given the tendency towards the elaborate in AX codenames why is it that William is simply termed ‘Professor’?

    A Foolish Proposition (G. 1051 words.)
    Ion makes a proposition: Radu takes him up on it. Something of an antidote to the gratuitous angst of Change.

    In other news, it’s finally occurred to me why E.S. Posthumus’ Cartographer hasn’t quite won me over: it sounds too much like any number of Sarah Brightman albums.
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    In other news:
    Pi, Phi and the Great Pyramid - Al-Ahram (Issue no. 890)
    The face of Julius Caesar? Come off it! - A don’s life

    And, courtesy of [ profile] herzog_ludwig: E. S. Posthumus, whose album Unearthed is particularly lovely.
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    On this Shoggoth Day comes the release of Mostly on Tuesday (it is sometimes Friday): the soundtrack for the monster in the tower, the unnamed hero of this original series.

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    Involving a huge lack of notations or anything nearly apporaching an analysis. And entirely irrelevant to any manner of non-[ profile] domino_effect Pegasi that may be out there.

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    Gauged in something of a degrees of repetition fashion the general trend seems to be as follows:
    Step 1 – the joke is actually funny.
    Step 2 – it’s getting a tad old.
    Step 3 – the response to your telling it is either, being ignored outright or shrugs of indifference.
    Step 4 – people actively tell you to stop.
    Step 5 – people start to get distinctly uncomfortable when you start taking.

    All of which applies to many things beyond bad joke renditions and may in fact already have a similar framework outlined in the Promethean sourcebook in regards to disquiet.

    Bette Davis centenary The Telegraph
    Which sports a wonderful image from The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex, which is one of those marvellous films along with The Prisoner of Zenda that I’ve always adored.
    The Cure: Ghouls who refused to die The Telegraph

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    One Meine Liebe fic (Indivisible 1460 words. G. Talk of alliances, marriages and Braunschweig spring parties. Post-Rosenstolz.), a [ profile] domino_effect_ log (yes, this is the one involving the NPC tarot reader that I’ve been promising), some charming though modern teaglasses, two Mozart librettos (I ought to keep an eye out for this one too) and a hibiscus tea blend later I’m beginning to suspect that over the last week I may have been fighting off the flu. It would explain a few things really.

    At least pater’s birthday present has arrived and I’ve since discovered that the sherry glasses and decanter set that I ordered is actually a handmade one which is a lovely extra touch. It also reminds me that I used to have a pair of handmade margarita glasses but I can’t actually recall what became of them or exactly where they came from. I do recall it being somewhere in Wales and going on a tour of the workshops but since I also recall waking up in either Merthyr Tydfil or Llandrindod Wells during one long daytrip when I’m fairly certain that I was staying somewhere along the Pembroke coast it’s probably anyone’s guess as to where the glassmakers were located. Though at least google reassures me that Lamphey Palace is in fact in Pembrokeshire which was probably local enough.
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    Some few months ago I heard of a Kenneth Branagh directed version of Die Zauberflöte and decided that I was going to attempt to give it a chance.

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    And in other news, the first [ profile] mpegasus log is up: go on, tell me I’m doing it wrong.


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